The Work Comes First

The Work Comes First Detail

Wieden + Kennedy wanted to create a new way to showacse one of it's main wiedenisms (quotes by owner Dan Wieden), "The Work Comes First" within the office. Instead of the standard wall art or poster we decided to create an interactive wall that demonstrated the quote in the best way possible; through a lot of hard work and strong collaboration. The wall, at 16 x 8 feet, is a white pegboard with red screws extending from the holes that move in and out with actuators as Leap Motion cameras detect people interaction with the wall.


Screen Readings


Lights are on

To start I created the initial type and color explorations while building out the full size wall specs. Once the idea was approved we built a quick prototype to show proof of concept and finalized colors based on the strongest contrast of background and foreground colors. With the help of fabricator Rob Off we built the full structure in the span of 2 months to be debuted at the XOXO Festival.


Screw Detail


Actuator Details


Wires on wires